Our bank of applicants exceeds 4,500 individuals, all with a diploma or experience in the dental field! All regular placements benefit from a 10-week guarantee. During this period, we will exchange, with no additional charges, any individual who do not meet your requirements and who was hired through our services,.

Our fees are administration charges, and do not include, in any way, the payment of wages or the establishment of labour conditions, which shall strictly result from agreements between the client and the hired person. Indeed, in order to have their application analyzed by Personnel Dentaire enr., the applicants must meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • to have at least three months experience in the dental field, or
  • to have a Skills Training Certificate in Dental Reception, or
  • to have a diploma in Dental Reception (minimum of 45 hours) and this course is less than than two years old (for a Dental Receptionist position), or
  • to have a Diploma of Vocational Studies or other specialized course in Dental Assistance with a minimum of 1000 hours (for a Dental Assistant position), or
  • to have a College Diploma in Dental Hygiene (for a Dental Hygienist position), or
  • to have a Ph.D in Dental Medicine recognized in Quebec (for a Dentist position).

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